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How Castor Wheels Will Benefit Your Hotel Transportation

17 August 2016
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You probably use castor wheels in your daily life without even realizing it. Think of office chairs or grocery carts. However, when it comes time to select a cart for transporting items around your hotel, you will want to consider choosing a cart with castor wheels. Whether you are transporting dirty dishes, cleaning supplies, or used towels, you will want wheels that make the steering easy. What kind of wheel will answer these needs? Read More …

Tips for Extending the Life of Your Performance Tyres

24 February 2016
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The tyres on your vehicle are an integral component of your car. Not only do they impact the maneuverability of your vehicle, but they can also impact gas mileage. This means that having tyres that are in optimal condition is key. Even if you put a lot of miles on your vehicle and your tyres, it is possible to make them last longer. The trick is to extend the life of your tyres without making them a safety hazard when you are on the roadways. Read More …

How to Buy Car Tyres for Less

7 January 2016
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Many car owners are surprised to find that the final cost they incur to buy and install new tyres is much higher than what they had originally budgeted. This article discusses how you can keep the cost of buying and installing new tyres affordable. Ask for the Total Cost of the Tyres Tyre sellers often bill customers for different aspects related to the new tyres that they have bought. For instance, there may be a separate charge for tyre valves and labour for fitting the new tyres. Read More …

Reasons to Get a Regular Car Service

4 September 2015
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A vehicle is one of the biggest investments you can make. However, since people tend to use their cars every day, they are susceptible to some car trouble every once in a while. A car service is one of the ways that ensures your vehicle is running smoothly, thus reducing the risk of unnecessary breakdowns at the most inopportune times. Here are some of the reasons to get a regular car service. Read More …

3 Mechanical Repairs You Never Want to Ignore on Your Car

27 August 2015
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There is probably no car owner that wants to take their vehicle in for mechanical repairs when they notice a problem, but it's never a good idea to ignore many such needed repairs. Putting off certain fixes can put your safety at risk when on the road and can lead to greater wear and tear on the car, which in turn means more expensive repairs once you do head off to the shop. Read More …