How Castor Wheels Will Benefit Your Hotel Transportation

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How Castor Wheels Will Benefit Your Hotel Transportation

17 August 2016
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You probably use castor wheels in your daily life without even realizing it. Think of office chairs or grocery carts. However, when it comes time to select a cart for transporting items around your hotel, you will want to consider choosing a cart with castor wheels. Whether you are transporting dirty dishes, cleaning supplies, or used towels, you will want wheels that make the steering easy. What kind of wheel will answer these needs?

Single Castor Wheels

Castor wheels have an extra steering joint that allows the wheel to rotate in a complete circle. This means that the cart is easy to steer, being able to go forward, backward, or turn to go sideways. They are solid and able to bend to your steering needs. Because of the wheel's flexibility, it makes use of the cart easier. Additionally, the wheel comes in different sizes and styles, including iron, rubber, and elastic. You can order specialized castors if you have a very specific plan for the wheels, meaning that you can choose different wheels to serve your various needs.

Castor wheels are able to support heavy loads. They are able to avoid the largest amount of friction which means that moving heavy loads is easier. Because of the extra steering joint, the weight is not placed directly on the wheel. That means that there is less friction, but it also means that the wheel is less likely to break. These wheels provide strength for your transporting carts.

Twin Wheels

If one castor wheel serves your needs, what extra benefits can twin wheels provide you? While the single castor wheel provides many benefits, the twin castor wheel provides even more. First of all, twin wheels can hold even more weight than single wheels. They provide double the strength. However, you can use the advantage of twin wheel strength to carry more on smaller wheels. Because twin wheels have double the strength, you could also halve the size of the two wheels to carry the same as one regularly sized castor wheel. How does this help you? You would be able to carry the same weight on a lower height. This is important if you need to pass through smaller doorways with a heavier load.

Additionally, twin castor wheels also provide the additional advantage of turning even more easily. The twin wheels turn independently of each other, meaning that you will not have trouble with overturning carts.