How to Prolong the Life of Trailer Tyres

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How to Prolong the Life of Trailer Tyres

26 August 2016
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Over time, trailer tyres can wear unevenly, develop bulges or start cracking in their sidewalls. Those signs of deterioration may signal that it is time for you to replace the tyres. However, you can take some steps to delay the onset of those signs of trailer tyre wear. This article discusses some of the measures that may help you to prolong the useful life of the tyres on your trailer.

Use Them More

This may seem counterintuitive at first, but it makes sense. Frequent trailer tyre use can have a beneficial effect on their longevity. This is because the tyres will have a better chance to release the lubricants that were used inside them during the manufacturing process. The release of those lubricants is facilitated by the buildup of heat inside the tyre as it is driven. Those lubricants will circulate within the tyre and extend its useful life by making it more supple and able to flex as you drive.

Choose the Storage Area Carefully

Where do you keep the trailer when you are not using it? The storage area has a big effect on the longevity of the tyres. For instance, the tyres on a trailer that is stored outdoors may wear out faster than the tyres on a trailer that is stored indoors. This is because the tyres that are outdoors will be constantly exposed to UV radiation. That radiation will degrade the materials from which the tyres are made, such as rubber.

Buy tyre covers for the tyres on your trailer in case you have no choice but to keep that trailer outdoors. The tyre covers will protect the tyres from direct sunlight and UV radiation.

Pay Attention to Tyre Pressure

Proper tyre inflation does not only apply to the tyres on your car. Even trailer tyres need to be properly inflated at all times. Otherwise, the tyres will suffer from cupping (a condition in which the outer edges of the tyre wear out quickly because they are constantly in contact with the surface on which the tyres are driven or parked). Over-inflation leads the middle sections of the tread to wear out rapidly.

Talk to a tyre expert in case you are unable to identify why the tyres on your trailer keep wearing out faster than you would have expected them to. That professional will examine the tyres and advise you about what changes you need to make, such as switching to bias-ply tyres in case you frequently drive off-road.