3 Mechanical Repairs You Never Want to Ignore on Your Car

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3 Mechanical Repairs You Never Want to Ignore on Your Car

27 August 2015
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There is probably no car owner that wants to take their vehicle in for mechanical repairs when they notice a problem, but it's never a good idea to ignore many such needed repairs. Putting off certain fixes can put your safety at risk when on the road and can lead to greater wear and tear on the car, which in turn means more expensive repairs once you do head off to the shop. Note a few mechanical repairs you never want to ignore when it comes to your car or truck, even if they seem somewhat minor.

1. Soft tires

 Soft tires or those that go flat continuously can be a hazard when on the road. Depending on why they lose air and pressure, they can actually rupture under the weight of the car while you're driving, causing a dangerous blowout. The flying rubber from such a blowout is dangerous to your car and to other vehicles, and you would then also be stranded with a flat tire. Brake pads also cannot grip soft tires and instead of stopping, your car may simply skid when you try to hit the brakes. Rather than continuously put air in a soft tire, have it replaced.

2. Overheating engine

An overheating engine can be caused by a number of factors, none of which should be ignored. Your car may have a broken water pump, which in turn means that the engine is not being cooled. It could also be leaking oil; oil works not only as a lubricant but also to keep the engine cool. When an engine runs too hot, it means excessive wear and tear that could cause it seize up and the engine would need to be replaced altogether. When the thermostat light on your dashboard goes on or you notice smoke from under the car's hood, don't ignore this problem but have it diagnosed and fixed quickly.

3. Squealing belts

If a belt squeals on your car when you start it, this often means it's worn out and will soon need replacing. While it may not seem like a very important fix for you, note that if you ignore a worn belt, it will soon snap completely or get so stretched that it simply cannot turn the gears to which it's connected. Your car may fail to start or run when this happens. Once you notice the telltale signs of a belt wearing out, have it replaced.

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