Tyre Replacement | 4 Telltale Signs Your Car Tyres Need Replacement

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Tyre Replacement | 4 Telltale Signs Your Car Tyres Need Replacement

27 May 2015
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Car tyres are fundamentally integral to safe driving because they are the only fixtures that actually touch the ground to balance the car's movement. Like most car parts, tyres also get worn over time. Timeworn and damaged tyres can be catastrophic while driving, which is why it is important to identify the signs and replace tyres before they cause any real damage.

Here are some telltale signs that car tyres need replacement. Don't put it off if you value the safety of you and your loved ones:

Reduced Tyre Tread 

One of the most important signs that tyres need replacement is when they lose the depth on their tread. Tread depth is important because a loss in depth means reduced traction and grip while driving. This compromises driving safety. In Australia, if the tyre tread wears down to less than 1.5mm of depth on tyres, they are not considered safe for driving and need to be replaced. 

Cracks on Sidewalls of Tyres

Even the most expensive tyres are prone to damage and cracks on the sidewalls over prolonged use. If you notice cracks on the sidewalls, you should consider replacing your tyres. Sidewall cracks occur over time because the chemicals and oils in the rubber slowly evaporate.

Cracks may also occur because of over exposure to harsh sun rays. Over a period of time, the rubber can lose its tightness, so you may notice cracks starting to appear. Sidewall cracks are an indication that the tread is starting to give way.

Driving with sidewall cracks can cause a potential blowout of the tyres while you're driving, which is extremely unsafe. Make sure you get the tyres replaced immediately. 

Slits and Blisters in Tyres 

One telltale sign of wearing tyres is when you notice blisters, slits and holes on the surface. The slits and blisters are dangerous because they allow tyre air to escape, which causes the tyre to deflate quickly. Even if you cannot detect these blisters and holes yourself and feel that the tyre is losing air too quickly, take it to a professional for a quick tyre check. 

Unnatural Vibration 

Unnatural vibration in your tyres is an indication of poor tyre alignment. Excessive vibration in tyres is not only troublesome, but it can also impair your judgement while driving. Poor judgement will give rise to accidents. If you ignore the vibration in your tyres for too long, they will sustain uneven wear. This will result in premature damage and will need replacement immediately for safe driving. 

If you notice any of these signs on your tyres, make sure you get them replaced immediately to maintain safety.